We are a creative team out to help others succeed, explore our personal curiosities, and have a damn good time while we’re at it.

We are helping great people succeed.

Our clients are committed to going the extra mile, doing things differently, and are all around good people. That’s why they fit well with Monday Creations. Their passion about their craft drives them to do great things, just as our passion to help drives us. The right client is just as important to us as it is for you to find the right partner. Our ideal client values branding, is easy to communicate with, and is striving to do something unique in their industry. 

Hundreds of businesses, organizations, and individuals have partnered with Monday Creations. Our team and capabilities allow our clients to free up more time, build better brands, and have a creative sidekick for all of their ideas and ventures. We are truly your partners in life, business, and your crazy endeavors. Monday Creations has been around since 2014.  Now, Monday Creations is recognized as a premier design and creative agency in the midwest and have now expanded to Colorado.


Dedicated to our community.

Monday Creations was founded on the ideal of helping others succeed. Since day one, our organization has been involved in hosting events and volunteering our time to create a vibrant community. Our biggest successes and feelings of accomplishment come from our community activities.

Select clients by DNA.

We subscribe to choosing the right client over the right industry. Our clients are great people, passionate about their craft, easy to communicate with, and driven to stand out from the pack. In other words, we work with great people who are out there hustling every day and are loving every second of it.

A balanced approach.

Our specialty is branding, our outlet is design, our advantage is working alongside creative partners who specialize in all creative disciplines to execute on any ideas you have along your journey.We are your long term partner in business.

We follow our curiosities

True innovation is not forced, it’s stumbled upon. That’s why our team is urged to explore their personal curiosities. Our non-traditional approach to our work stems directly from this mindset and benefits the success of the partnerships with our clients.

Need a creative partner for your next project?